C4 STAN 50




C4 STAN 50

Stan 50 can be defined as an artificial anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. Although it is currently used for gaining muscle mass, in the initial times it was used to achieve athletic speed and lean appearance. It is easily available in the market under the name Winstrol and has managed to gain immense popularity because unlike other supplements, this drug is considered safe for female weightlifters and bodybuilders. It offers impeccable anabolism, but women cannot avoid masculinisation and virilisation even if they consume the drug in relatively small amounts. An athlete uses Stan 50 or Stanozolol along with other testosterone-based steroids.

What are the benefits of Stan 50?

Many people prefer Stan 50 because it increases strength without causing excessive weight gain, increases the vascular system but cannot be easily converted into estrogen; it does not cause excessive water retention and sometimes has a diuretic effect on the human body. This supplement can be obtained in oral and injectable forms. The latter is the better choice because injections retain nitrogen and exceptionally preserve lean muscle mass. Another major advantage of the injectable forms is that they have no adverse effects on the liver. However, it can cause real pain.

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