BioTeq Labs Winstrol 10mg Tablets




BioTeq Labs Winstrol 10 mg Tablets

Winstrol (also known as Stanozolol ) is a long-standing drying phase steroid that has not only won the hearts of most bodybuilders, but has also gained a solid reputation in the market. Thus, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the best steroids for weight loss and a great alternative to Anavar.

Commercially, Winstrol is mainly sold in the form of 10mg tablets under the brand name Winstrol and is manufactured by the reputable BioTeq Labs. The tablets are yellow in colour and are optimised to deliver better results than other DHT analogues.

How Winstrol works

Winstrol is a derivative of the synthetic hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It has been on the market since the 1960s. When ingested, this steroid binds to cellular androgen receptors where it starts the process of burning fat in the surrounding tissues. It also generates proteins that are essential for the growth and repair of body cells.

Stanozolol is inherently capable of forcing water loss from the body, which explains why muscles appear swollen but leaner at the end of a cycle. In addition, the body’s alpha reductase enzyme cannot break down this hormone due to the addition of pyrazole and methyl carbonate groups during laboratory synthesis.

Winstrol is retained in the body for 8 hours with a half-life of 4-5 hours.

Benefits of Winstrol (Stanozolol)
Below is a comprehensive overview of the benefits you are likely to get from Winstrol. You can browse through the paragraphs to the summary section right below.

Unlike other bodybuilding steroids, Winstrol cannot convert into estrogen because it is not aromatised. In other words, it prevents the growth of fat cells that are responsible for a chubby physique. It also significantly reduces the levels of high-density lipoproteins, which are commonly known as bad cholesterol. These cholesterols are responsible for the increase in useless body weight, which is why Winstrol acts like a medicine.

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