Winstrol 10mg/100tabs Apoxar




Winstrol 10 mg/100 tabs Apoxar

Winstrol or simply Vinny is at the top of oral steroids for a reason. It gives you lean muscles and a significant boost of energy at the cost of very low side effects. It is unflavoured, making it an ideal addition to any AAS course.Stanozolol Suspension, produced by the Chinese manufacturer Zhengzhou, is in great demand among athletes all over the world.

The main component of the steroid is stanozolol, which has a strong anabolic activity (320% of testosterone). At the same time, weak androgenic properties allow avoiding such side effects as gynaecomastia and acne.

Anabolik is intended for injection into the body. After getting into the muscle tissue, it begins to act quite quickly. The period of the highest activity of the drug lasts for the first two days. The steroid is sold both in ampoules and in vials.

Stanozolol suspension is a relatively safe medication. If taken correctly, it does not have a negative effect on the body.

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