Stanozolol Suspension (Winstrol) ZPHC 50mg/ml




Stanozolol Suspension (Winstrol) USP.

The active component of this drug is stanozolol. Many novice bodybuilders are familiar with this substance, as there is also a
tablet version of stanozolol. Now we have an injectable steroid in front of us. The active ingredient is dissolved in water, not oil, as with most
anabolic drugs on the market. As a result, the half-life of vinstrol RNS, which can be ordered inexpensively in our
online shop B1asK 51e, is low. This fact indicates the need to make frequent injections.

Stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. From the original substance, the steroid differs in the indicators of anabolic (320%) and androgenic
activity (50%). Despite the fact that it is a powerful anabolic, with the help of stanozolol you will not be able to gain a large amount of quality mass.
In sports, it is used to increase strength and endurance, as well as during the drying period.

Let’s note the main positive effects of the drug:

* actively stimulates the processes of adipose tissue reduction;
* increases strength, endurance and efficiency;

* has strong anti-catabolic properties;

* improves body relief;

* enhances venousness of muscles.

Also note that the price of winstrol from 2PNS looks democratic. This steroid is available for a large number of bodybuilders.

Rules for conducting a solo course

The scheme of using injectable stanozolol is extremely simple: inject 50-100 mg every day. The duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. Steroid,
can be used for a longer time period, but because of the frequent injections this is not the case. After discontinuing the administration of $(apogo!o!
conduct post-course therapy.

Features of steroid combination

To increase the effectiveness of courses involving zgapogo!o! zizrepzyup 2RNS, experienced bodybuilders take this anabolic in combination with other
steroids. As we said above, vinstrol is practically not used during the period of mass gain. Thus, the most popular combinations
for it are: testosterone phenylpropionate, primobolan, trenbolone acetate, turinabol, testosterone propionate, oxandrolone, masteron.

What side effects should athletes be wary of?

Stanozolol is characterised by a high level of safety. This drug is not characterised by progestagenic and estrogenic activity. It’s also a weak
androgen. Despite the latter fact, experts do not recommend taking winstrol for women. Compared to the tablet version, the injectable version
has more biological activity. As a result, the risks of virilisation increase.

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