Balkan Strombaject Aqua 50

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Balkan Strombaject Aqua 50

SP Stanoject is based on stanazolol, an extremely popular steroid that has been successfully used by athletes for over 50 years. SP Stanoject is an injectable form of stanazolol. Anabolic activity is 320%, and androgenic activity is only 30%. This means that the drug has almost no hormonal side effects. The active substance retains its activity in the body for 8 hours. Therefore, injections should be given frequently, at least once a day. The drug is characterised by a short period of detection. Already three weeks after the end of the course, it is impossible to find the drug in the analyses. You can buy SP Stanoject in our shop of sports pharmacology.

Effects of SP Stanazolol

Regular use of the drug has a number of positive effects on the body. These include:

● Removal of excess fluid from the tissues. The drug is excellent for drying, it helps to form a high-quality lean mass, increases the stiffness of the musculature.

● Increase in appetite. Stanazolol in the composition of the drug regulates the feeling of hunger and helps to gain mass.

● Helps to draw relief.

It has a fat-burning effect, reduces subcutaneous fat fibre.

Increases the efficiency of strength training, improves athletic performance.

Increases endurance and concentration.

In addition, Stanazolol SP reduces the production of globulin that binds sex hormones. That is, the drug promotes the production of endogenous testosterone. Therefore, it is commonly combined with other testosterone-based steroids. SP Stanoject increases the effectiveness of steroids and combines perfectly with any drugs from sports pharmacology. It is proven that the course of taking it increases the production of endogenous hormones by 50%. You can buy SP Stanoject from us, other quality steroids are also available here.

The drug has no serious side effects. The active ingredient does not undergo aromatisation, which means that no specific SCT is required. SP Stanoject is not toxic, does not affect the liver and kidneys. This is how it compares favourably with drugs based on stanazolol in oral form. It should be remembered that stanazolol is recommended only for men. For women, it is better to choose another drug, as SP Stanoject promotes the development of secondary sexual characteristics of the male type.

There are no special requirements for storing the drug. It, like all injectable steroids, should be kept in a dry, light-protected place. It is important to keep it away from children and animals.

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